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What Makes WTEF Exemplary

Markedly High Attendance and Retention Rates

WTEF maintains average daily attendance and retention rates of approximately 65% — nearly 20 points higher than the national average for high-quality afterschool programs. These metrics demonstrate that students are actively engaged and reaping long-term benefits.

Consistency and Continuity

WTEF provides consistency and continuity year after year for children whose lives are often defined by unpredictability. The AACP and CFE have operated continuously for 24 and 19 years, respectively. WTEF has also maintained nearly a 100% retention rate for its program staff for 10 years, which is extremely rare in the nonprofit sector.

Pathway of Programs

WTEF is one of very few organizations in the city that support youth as early as age two with the Tennis Tots program, through high school with the highly intensive Center for Excellence. WTEF programs are also more comprehensive than most, focusing on developing the whole child with a unique combination of tennis, academics and life skills instruction. WTEF students experience the rewards of hard work and dedication, strengthening their bodies while strengthening their minds. The skills children learn through tennis – such as confidence, discipline, teamwork, and goal-setting – are translated into classroom lessons that develop the same competencies and foster academic and personal success.

 Highly Individualized Support

WTEF provides individualized academic enrichment services to each child. Students are tested as to their proficiency in math and reading. A program to meet them at their skill level and consistently build on those skills is developed and delivered to each child. CFE program staff also provide consistent, individualized support, helping students navigate challenges they face at home and school, giving them tools to handle their problems in a positive manner, and providing a safe environment where they can talk about what’s going on their lives.

Extensive Evaluation

WTEF has a robust evaluation plan that addresses program process and impact. WTEF uses 10 evaluation metrics covering program intensity, continuity, locality, connectivity, and student profiles. We collect and analyze data on: student attendance and retention; neighborhoods served; parental engagement; student grades and promotion; staff retention as well as health and fitness metrics.

 100% Graduation Rate

For 16 years (since the program had seniors), 100% of CFE high school seniors graduated high school on time, and gained admission to college with scholarships or financial aid.

Year-round Programming

WTEF provides year-round programming through the Center for Excellence and provides its services during one of the most critical times of the day when children are the most vulnerable.