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When you donate to WTEF, you are helping to Fund A Future of a child in need!

Our kids come from some of the city’s toughest neighborhoods, where it is easier to find a gang to join than a great afterschool program. Your gift to WTEF provides:

  • Skilled teachers to provide individualized learning opportunities in math and reading to our Center for Excellence (CFE) students;
  • Two hours a day of homework help, math and reading instruction, and life skills education to children in the Arthur Ashe Children’s Program (AACP);
  • Dedicated, professional coaches to teach tennis to children and youth in both the CFE and AACP;
  • Specialized tennis instruction that builds motor and listening skills among young children through our Tennis Tots program;
  • A variety of programs that meet the needs of the Ward 7 community, where our East Capitol Campus is located.

Please make a substantial difference in the life of a child in need!

Make your gift to Fund A Future!

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