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Tennis Tots

Upwards of 300 young children, ages 2 to 4, from 16 nearby preschools and child development centers participate in our Tennis Tots program from 10am – 12pm each day. We pick up the children and their teachers in our vans and bring them to our East Capitol Campus in Ward 7, where they play on the six indoor courts. We then bring the children and teachers back to their schools. Tennis Tots operates weekdays from September through June, except on holidays.

At WTEF, the Tennis Tots work on their hand-eye coordination by hitting large foam balls with racquets designed for toddlers. They play a series of games, all of which help build their capacity to receive, understand, and act on instructions from their adult caregivers, in this case our patient coaches.


We are unaware of any other program in the U.S. that teaches tennis to children as young as the age of two. It is our hope that many of the children who are exposed to tennis and WTEF will continue with us if the elementary schools they attend offer the Arthur Ashe Children’s Program, as many of our participants have done.

Arrangements to participate in the Tennis Tots are made between the leadership of the pre-school or developmental day care center and WTEF’s Tennis Director, Mike Ragland.


Fund the Future of a child in Tennis Tots with your gift of $500.