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Summer Program

For nine weeks between late June and late August, WTEF’s Summer Program provides 150 children and youth with an active, exciting experience in tennis, fitness, and chess at our East Capitol Campus in Ward 7.

The goal of our Summer Program is to keep the children safe and engaged in positive, productive activities throughout the summer months and prevent summer learning loss. Unlike many programs that run for only six weeks, WTEF’s Summer Program continues for a full nine weeks, up until just before school resumes. This keeps our children and youth safe during August, when crimes committed by and against juveniles tend to increase.

Children and youth gather every morning for a free breakfast, then begin the day’s fitness activities, including warm-up exercises and a one to two mile run. The rest of the morning is devoted to tennis drills and play on our 15 courts. Tournament-level players are often bused to other courts in Anacostia Park to provide more space for match play and tournament preparations. After a free lunch, the children and youth play more tennis and enjoy indoor activities such as learning chess and time for independent reading. The program operates from 8:00am- 5:00pm every weekday, except holidays.

Our summer programs also allow the children and youth who participate in our school-year Center for Excellence to continue their math and reading studies with the help of our teachers. A low, 4:1 ratio of students to teachers ensures that each student receives individual attention.

To enroll your child in the Summer Program, contact Tennis Director Mike Ragland at or 202-660-0132. Open enrollment begins in early May.

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